Poetry of a Conlanger

Friday, April 28, 2006


Now that our glass is shattered
And the water is running everywhere,
I am angry.

In this filthy dump where you put me,
(were you forced to?)
I am livid.
I built a catapult out of bits and pieces,
Even a shard of that glass.
Broken trust, crumpled hope, torn love.

And my anger pushes me out of the dump,
And I am alive,
But your eyes are sad
In the mirror.

What happened to us??

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Truly Fluent (4/9/06)

Closer, closer, closer-
Under darkness mixed with shadow
Down to minute factions of mind,
We pull closer.

Butterflies gather and swarm-
Unpredictable as wind,
Wonderful as sugar.

Sipping slowly at first,
Then letting go and drinking
To the brim until
We are both drunk.

I can feel sparks-
Flashing, exploding, making
Electric contact between us.

Withdraw slightly,
And hurry back for more,
But oh, oh, oh-
The butterflies remain!