Poetry of a Conlanger

Monday, November 27, 2006

Change (11/6/06)

“Everything has changed
A thousand times over.”
The butterflies flutter—
Red and gold and cream—
In panic, or excitement?

Now pure brilliance, delicious joy—
Again muted fear, copper anxiety.

Relief should fall on me
In cool flakes.
But instead, confusion reigns
In a gray-blue cloak.

Who or wherefore?
Luck or love?
Red or black,
White or blue?

I am part question,
And You are part answer.

(quote from The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Orchard (11/20/06)

The sun rises, putting warmth into my blood.
Now I shiver with hope and anticipation—
But no guarantees yet!

Spend a dollar of time
To get into his majesty’s orchard.
His Majesty,
—one who truly deserves the title—
The stranger I’d hoped to meet.
I can see how much better the trees are, the apples,
How completely happy I would be
To be here all the time.

If I took just one,
Would it be missed?
Just one taste, one mouthful
Of bliss, rich and overwhelming?

I would be addicted, I know—
And I snatch my hand back.

Oh, perfection, perfection,
You’re not for me.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Lust (11/12/06)

Quickly, quickly,
I hunt for the right actions,
Stumbling over the threshold
Of morality.

No monologues for me, you—
Just short syllables
In the darkness.

Pres up against you,
I feel twisted, dirty,
But oh, oh,
I want this.

My eyes closed,
I still know what I’m doing.
Red cloth, black cloth, pale skin—
Mouths moving, cupping, darting.
Cold wall, rough brick,
Hands in all the right places, feet braced.

Dark stars flashing behind my eyes—
Ah, sweet release,
It is you I’ve wanted all along—
He is just a vessel.

(one of my creepier poems...)

Freewrite (11/9/06)

The pain?
It’s ashes now,
Replaced by
Newfound confidence
And quirky come-hither looks.

Well, I try.

Sometimes I wonder
That if I believe enough,
It would be true.

Not Very Likely.

Bell to bell to bell,
I can’t stop thinking about you.
Shut up, I tell myself,
But it’s a truly useless exercise.

I mean,
I used to believe in
But now I’m not so sure.

I’d rather be multicolored
Than two-toned, anyways.

Just shrug and smile, folks,
Shrug and smile.