Poetry of a Conlanger

Friday, October 07, 2005

The City

In the city of glass,
of sparkling steel,
of rainbowed mirrors,
night is.
It's all that has been,
and all that will be.
Night is.

Streetlights and homelights,
like so many fireflies,
bloom and illuminate paths
for the smallest eon of time-
but it's never long enough.

And I stand in the city,
Paths bloom around me
as I watch in vain.

Emotions crecendo.

The rain comes.
Slowly, it blankets the city,
sliding over
steel and glass and mirrors.

I lift up my face and hands.
The rain is welcomed
in pathlights reflecting
off my tears.

*Poet's Note: I wrote this poem while listening to Coldplay's "Fix You." You could read this poem with it in the backround. I tried to capture some of the incredible power of that song, as well as some of my own feelings.


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