Poetry of a Conlanger

Monday, June 05, 2006

Crown of Roses (6/5/06)

It’s something simple,
A crown of roses on a Monday morning.

I don it, and suddenly I’m different.
I walk and grin at complete strangers.
Weird looks? I laugh effervescently.
I have a tendency to dance from class to class.
I’m bubbling over with
A confidence I haven’t felt in ages.

I’m the unfolding bud,
The heir to the summer queen-
Who knows what I’ll bloom into?

And you? Oh, take a good look at what you’re missing.
I am ridiculously full of fun,
And I’ll share it generously,
But if you still don’t care—
Well, it’s as simple as the crown I’m wearing:
You lose.
I win.

And I dance away down the path.


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